RuneScape Was Just The Start

MMORPGs may not have started with RuneScape, but they owe a lot to it. As do those who play them, and other games. This is where we can talk about games as a whole, without forgetting the origins of so much of the progress made by the Gower brothers.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not affiliated with Jagex or Runescape in any official capacity. We are simply players who love the game.

Gaming Evolves All The Time

And so must we. To keep up to date with everything technological and gaming-news related, we have split our focus into three main areas. You’ll find our posts talking about these primarily, though other topics may come up from time to time.

PC Gaming

Runescape, whether it be Runescape 3 or OSRS, are based on PC. This means that most who play it are primarily on this platform, and are likely interested in other PC games available.

Console Gaming

Others may find that Runescape is their main PC game, but that they enjoy dabbling with consoles. It’s understandable, especially with OSRS Mobile releasing recently.

Other Tech

Finally, technology as a whole is a clear interest of any involved with gaming in any capacity, and as such it will be featured here. Coverage of the latest news across the board may happen, so variety is likely.