Is Online Gaming Good for Kids?

Many parents feel like their kids are spending too much time playing online video games. But is online gameplay really so bad? According to psychologists, parents should let their children play, as long as they’re not spending hours and hours on it. In fact, playing online video games can be a good way for kids to learn social skills and communication.

Games can be a kid’s best friend. They can teach them valuable life lessons while also teaching essential skills. And according to a study done by the University of Rochester, video games can be an important part of a child’s development. According to the study, video gameplay by kids was linked to a higher socioeconomic status and better mental health.

Here are the reasons why gaming is good for children.

Gaming Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Online games have become a staple of modern entertainment, but what is their effect on us? While online games can be fun and distract us from the real world, they can also be educational. In fact, games such as those you can find on Arkadium and similar other platforms can teach children problem-solving skills and cultivate creativity and innovation. They help children learn everything from algebra to geography and even social skills.

Gaming Inspires Interest in History and Culture

Video games have the potential to inspire interest in history and cultural literacy, especially for students who struggle with traditional learning. The digital medium of video games offers a wealth of opportunities, from interactive stories to educational games that allow students to explore topics in a hands-on, interactive manner.

Gaming Helps Kids Make Friends

A recent study shows that playing video or online games helps kids make friends. In fact, 1 in 5 children report making new friends while playing. The study, performed by mobile game developer PlayFirst, polled more than 2,000 children between the ages of 8 and 12. The researchers found that 23 percent of kids play online games with friends, and 61 percent of kids have played games with strangers over the internet. Nearly 1 in 5 kids report playing video games every day.

Gaming Encourages Exercise

Think again if you thought playing video games was all “red light, green lights.” According to an article recently published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, playing video games can be a great way to encourage physical activity among kids. The study, which looked at data gathered from more than 7,000 children, identified 39 video games that kids aged 6-18 were playing as part of their PE class. Researchers then compared the number of time children spent playing these games with the total amount of physical activity they did during PE class.

Gaming Sparks Creativity

According to a new University of Central Florida study, video games spark creativity and teach kids constructive problem-solving skills. Researchers studied the combination of cognitive and motor skills children develop when playing action role-playing games, specifically those that evoke emotion. Their findings, which were published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, found that by playing a role-playing game, children gain “a better understanding of the state of the world,” which can ultimately lead to more creative thinking.

Gaming Brings Parents and Kids Together

It’s common for parents to want their children to be entertained by something other than TV or smartphones. Video games have been a popular alternative to more traditional entertainment because they’re interactive and fun to play. Video games can be a great way to bond with kids, and the messages are often similar to what one’s parents want to share with their children.

Online games are a great way to teach kids or adults who are having a hard time learning or retaining information. Whether it’s math, history, or language, you can find an interactive game that helps you learn it better.

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